42 Rules for Creating WE (2nd Edition) (Paperback)

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A hands-on, practical approach to organizational development, change and leadership best practices.

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Currently, most organizations today operate in an �I� paradigm. In this arena, we keep score � �I�ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.� We are taught to control our needs and emotions because they are destructive—logic prevails. We are punished for making mistakes and we hide our thoughts for fear of losing our power or status. In a WE paradigm, things are different.

’42 Rules for Creating WE (2nd Edition) ‘ offers new insights from thought leaders in neuroscience, organizational development, and brand strategy, introducing groundbreaking practices for bringing the spirit of WE to any organization, team or cause.

This book is written by The Creating WE Institute, an international group of critical thinkers with multi-disciplinary expertise, who have come together to harvest new forms of engagement and innovation in the workplace. The Creating WE Institute�s mission is bring a spirit of WE to organizations currently operating as a group of I�s.