42 Rules for Growing Enterprise Revenue (2nd Edition) (eBook pdf)

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This book describes practical strategies that grow sales to large corporations though actionable ideas for expanding company reach and increasing customer relevance.

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Value is in the eye of the beholder. Do your customers see your value?

Business buyers barraged with a ceaseless, deafening cacophony of banal marketing-speak learn to focus exclusively on information that is directly relevant to them right now. To engage buyers and grow enterprise sales, companies must create and demonstrate tangible and unique customer relevance with every customer touch. In this time-crunched, information-overload reality:

  • Customer relevance is the only way to generate customer interest and revenue growth
  • Customer relevance cannot be accomplished by a single functional group
  • There is no silver bullet–you have to keep trying new things and testing new strategies

42 Rules for Growing Enterprise Revenue provides practical ideas and proven strategies that boost B2B sales by making every aspect of your business more relevant to customers. The rules cover critical concepts, including:

  • Making “Mattering to Customers” your company’s core competence
  • Pursuing markets where you’re most relevant
  • Cultivating Customer collaboration
  • Defining value and relevance using the customers context
  • Using solutions and industry specialization to increase relevance
  • Putting customer relevance into practice through your sales channels