42 Rules for Working Moms (2nd Edition) (eBook pdf)

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Laura Lowell is a working mom who has navigated the waters of working motherhood since the birth of her oldest daughter in 2000. Part-time, full-time and business ownership – Lowell has tried it all. Lowell is an author and marketing consultant in Silicon Valley. She lives with her husband and two daughters in Los Gatos, California.

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Written by real working moms, ’42 Rules for Working Moms (2nd Edition)’ is a compilation of funny practical advice on how to survive as a ‘working mom’. These real life experiences are fun, personal and sure to be appreciated by working moms everywhere. Gone are the sugar-coated nicey-nice images you just can’t relate to. In 42 Rules of Working Moms (2nd Edition), you get real insights into what matters, what works, what doesn’t, and why.

Laura Lowell brought together a diverse group of working moms: different cultures, industries, ages, relationships and perspectives. The contributors possess years of experience balancing their personal and professional lives. They come together to share their hard-earned lessons with other working moms.

42 Rules for Working Moms (2nd Edition) is for any Mom who struggles with how to switch gears, or who wants to learn:

  • What successful working moms know that you don’t.
  • Why it’s ok to be selfish.
  • Why we need to lose the guilt.
  • Why you can never give up.