42 Rules of Employee Engagement (2nd Edition) (eBook pdf)

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A Straightforward Look at What It Takes to Build a Culture of Engagement

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42 Rules of Employee Engagement (2nd Edition) takes a practical, straightforward and fun look at what it takes to build community, commitment and a culture of engagement in the business world today.  The book highlights common behaviors that lead to “disengagement” in teams and offers useful, non-nonsense ideas for doing things differently. Susan Stamm will inspire and challenge you to create a unique workspace with your team that attracts and inspires high performance, commitment and authentic work relationships. This book is loaded with practical advice and actions you can take away to begin building an engaged team.

A challenge is that leaders often have blind spots, especially leaders that are struggling with their teams. This book include stories that leaders can relate to and that might open the door for them to consider how their actions appear to others.