42 Rules of Product Management (2nd Edition) (eBook pdf)

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Learn the Rules of Product Management from Leading Experts Around the World

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’42 Rules of Product Management (2nd Edition)‘ is a collection of product management wisdom from forty experts from around the world. With over five hundred years of combined hands-on product management and product marketing experience, the authors each shares one rule that they think is critical to know to succeed in product management.  Whether you are a seasoned and experienced product manager or are just starting out, ’42 Rules of Product Management (2nd Edition)‘ will help you lead with greater effectiveness and influence.

  1. ‘Rules Are Meant To Be Broken‘ by Greg Cohen, Senior Principal Consultant, 280 Group
  2. ‘Work on Products You Are Passionate About’ by Brian Lawley, CEO and Founder, 280 Group
  3. ‘Beware the Requirements Death Spiral’ by Greg Cohen, Senior Principal Consultant, 280 Group
  4. ‘Think Like an Entrepreneur’ by Linda Gorchels, Director of Executive Marketing Education, Wisconsin School of Business
  5. ‘Learn to Say “No” to Customers’ by Ivan Chalif, Blogger, The Productologist
  6. ‘Product Management is Inherently Political’ by Rich Mironov, Author, The Art of Product Management
  7. ‘There Is a Fine Line Between Knowing It All and Being a Know-It-All’ by Alyssa Dver, CEO, Mint Green Marketing
  8. ‘Market Research Must Be Actionable’ by Luke Hohman, Founder and CEO, The Innovationn Games Company
  9. ‘The Two-Week Rule’ by Marty Cagan, Author, Inspired