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Dealing with Life after College

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After the ivory tower existence of college comes the hard reality of “real life.” Although the economy is steadily curving upwards, many college graduates still have to face the reality that their efforts over the past four years may not readily result in the payoff of a lucrative job. To put it bluntly, many new graduates today find themselves newly unemployed For those that fall under this category, who are walking out into the real world for the first time, help in the form of a realistic and supportive guidebook is at hand. #AFTER COLLEGE tweet provides pointers for moving forward in just such a situation. It shows recent graduates how to reconcile the reality of their situations with the promise of the jobs they expected after attending four-year universities. Written by college graduates who are trying to find their place in the world themselves, the book clearly demonstrates a firm grasp on the truths of life after college and what must be done to preserve balance in a time of uncertainty. As the authors point out, a fundamental difference between college life and life after college is that the latter is devoid of a straight, well-laid-out path. One has to find one’s own way. Money is often a constraint, especially if there are substantial student loans to repay.