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‘Happy About Being a Baby Boomer’ is a practical ‘workbook’ to use in planning your remaining decades of life.

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Catherine Kitcho, Author of “Happy About Being a Baby Boomer: Facing our Newfound Longevity”, has been a Baby Boomer all her life and has been fascinated by the social, political and cultural impacts that this generation has had upon American life. The first wave of Baby Boomers is now turning 60. Now that life expectancy has increased dramatically over the last 2 decades, Baby Boomers must face the fact that they will be around an extra 30 or so years. This raises significant issues: how healthy are they going to be during those extra decades, and will they be able to get health insurance? Also, how much money will it take just for the basics of living 30 more years (and will they be able to afford their current lifestyle)? These questions need to be answered before they can determine what else they will be able to do with their “extra decades”.