Compassionate Vietnamese American CEOs (Paperback)

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How Six High-Tech Entrepreneurs Achieve Bottom Line Success by Leading with Their Hearts

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Much has been written on how to build and grow successful corporations. And yet, traditionally, management gurus often hesitated to explore the role that culture played in corporate success and growth. Recently however, and especially in our straitened economic climate, it has become more acceptable to surmise that culture does indeed play a significant role and to explore alternate, culturally-infused paths to corporate success.

Author Lena Tran is right on the money in her new book from Happy About, Compassionate Vietnamese American CEOs. She explores the role of culture, particularly Vietnamese culture, in creating business success. Interviewing several community visionaries–including one billionaire and a couple of millionaires–who worked for major high-tech enterprises, Lena explores the cultural context and values they brought to bear to build happy and successful companies, even in turbulent economic times. Using a rigorous and analytic interview approach, she describes how success can be hinged on core values built upon cultural beliefs, family traditions and time-honored, culturally-contextual leadership practices.