Confessions of a Resilient Entrepreneur (Paperback)

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Persevering to Success

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Does your job require you to manage projects? If yes, wouldn’t you like to be described as a project manager who is a successful, influential and respected leader of important efforts in the organization? Now if that already sounds like you, great! But if not, what you need to get there is known as ‘business savvy.’

Business savvy does not mean a bagful of academic credentials, nor does it necessarily equate to a good deal of experience. So what exactly is it? Cinda Voegtli knows, and she now shares it with you in #BUSINESS SAVVY PM tweet Book01.

A business savvy project leader is one who becomes an advocate for the project from the perspective of its end customers and its business value to the company. She or he focuses on clarity and communications with everyone–the project sponsors, the team and customers. The business savvy project manager knows that the success of a project depends on building relationships that engender trust. In short, such a project manager establishes herself or himself as leader from the starting line.