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Business Advice on Agility and Communication Across Cultures

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Not so very long ago, corporate careers were defined by geography and stayed pretty much local. A manager worked with customers, vendors and employees in the vicinity, usually within driving distance, and certainly within her or his cultural and time zones. No longer. Virtually any middle manager you talk to today has worked across cultures and geographies with diverse, multicultural and global teams.

As a result of this shift, almost every organization today is experiencing a massive cultural transformation. The accompanying challenges have exponentially complicated the role of the corporate manager and the manner in which an enterprise is steered. The current economic instability, natural events (including calamities), an overhaul in the way we deploy and interact with technology, and increasing cultural diversity have all further strengthened the need for skills in cultural agility and cross cultural communication. Today’s business, with its global perspective, requires insights and creativity in discovering and implementing new strategies in order to facilitate innovative change management processes. Cultural transformation can only happen when leaders apply best practices and expert guidance to crossing cultures and working globally.