Fast Track Guide to a Professional Job Search (Paperback)

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Expert Advice on how to Acquire Executive Jobs, Even in a Difficult Job Market

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An executive-level job search is unique. As a professional, you are used to delivering results, and seeing results delivered to you in return. You have little patience with methods that are lengthy or ambiguous or that rarely hit their mark. Therefore, in today’s competitive marketplace and challenging economic climate, your job search is particularly challenging, and finding the right professional position for you can become complex and frustrating.

The Fast Track Guide to a Professional Job Search‘ was written to take the guesswork out of finding the right executive-level position for you. Serving as your handy guide and indispensable companion, it contains everything you need to drive your job search and career forward. It takes you all the way from setting your career path, through the planning and strategizing, the execution, the emotional rollercoaster, and all the way to offer evaluation and acceptance.

Written by Joanie Natalizio, a professional executive coach who steers a successful business coaching practice, ‘The Fast Track Guide to a Professional Job Search’ teaches you to distinguish yourself, present your unique strengths and capabilities, and make sure an offer is a good fit for you before you accept it. All through the book, the easy to use checklists make sure you stay on track. How to create a professional biography and tips on evaluating compensation packages are just a few of the many executive job search topics discussed.