Get Out of the Way (Paperback)

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Tips, tricks and techniques for managing the successful development of timely, innovative and relevant products.

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Would you believe that high-tech teams often work best when you, the manager, ‘Get Out of the Way‘? Though you may have once been a member of a product development team yourself, as a manager at a high-tech organization you have most likely found that your role, focus, and responsibilities are very different from those as a technologist.

As a manager, you’re personally under the gun to lead and inspire your development team to produce innovative and customer-relevant products on time. And you not only want but are expected to do it with grace and good humor. This can be a tall order to fill. Management consultant John Levy says you can do it — by focusing on the right things. A manager, he says, is responsible for creating a culture and environment within his or her company that allows the technical people to thrive.

In ‘Get Out of the Way,’ Levy puts thirty years of computer and software industry experience at your fingertips and offers strategies for empowering, encouraging, and directing a top-notch development team. Using his own experience as a veteran engineering manager and sharing anecdotes from companies like Apple, IBM, Palm, and Adobe, Levy teaches his readers how to inspire and encourage their development teams toward more productivity and innovation. And while not always simple, the methods in this book are as rewarding as they are challenging, and will not only enhance your effectiveness as a manager but boost the satisfaction you get from doing your job.