Happy About Customer Service? (eBook pdf)

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Creating a Culture of Customer Service Excellence

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  • Done Secure Payments
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“Do you want to develop your customer service standards so that you consistently, and to the endless pleasure of your customers, deliver customer service excellence? If, your answer to this is YES, MOST DEFINITELY YES, and it’s because you want to
• engender improved loyalty among existing customers
• attract new customers
• surpass your peers or competitors because no one will do what you do with the level of excellence that you do
• give yourself and your team a real sense of success and fulfilment
• improve your bottom line then you, like me, have the motivation to improve yourself, your team, and your company.”
Ken Welsh, Happy About Customer Service? Creating a Culture of Customer Service Excellence

Always Remember:

Consumers are Statistics.
Customers are people.

Treat your Customers as you would like to be treated
when you are a Customer.