Happy About Global Software Test Automation (Paperback)

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A Discussion of Software Testing for Executives

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Testing problems are difficult, expensive, and hard to understand. Most software companies have bugs escape the testing cycles and reach customers.

How can some of the inherent problems with software testing be eliminated? This book addresses this fundamental issue and helps the reader understand the high-level elements necessary to better execute software test automation and outsourcing initiatives.

Although your team may know about test automation, have they ever executed efficiently to meet the goals of faster delivery, better quality, and saving money? If not, this book is a must read. 160 pages (125 for the eBook).

Industry feedback supporting Global Software Test Automation solutions from the author and his company:

“In today’s business environment, startups must pursue an aggressive global model for software development and testing. In less than six months, LogiGear designed and delivered a powerful and global automated software testing solution that proved critical to our successful product launch.”
Adam Au, VP of Engineering, Centrify Corporation