Happy About Joint-Venturing (eBook pdf)

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The 8 Key Critical Factors of Success

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“Joint venturing is an essential part of successful entrepreneurship. Most people, though, do it by the seat of their pants and out of sheer necessity. Valerie’s book provides an eight-part strategic framework for building a successful joint venture, from finding the right partner all the way through to exit strategies when the partnership has run its course. The section on integrating human resources is especially strong, and that is perhaps the most important, but least understood aspect of successful joint ventures. An essential guide for the entrepreneur who’s realized they can’t go it alone.”
Scott Allen, About.com Entrepreneurs Guide, Coauthor, “The Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online”

Get a clear understanding of all you need to know before starting your winning joint-ventures. The book covers the following topics…

  • What is a joint venture?
  • How to choose the right partner?
  • Where to find the right partner and whom should you run away from?
  • Planning your joint-venture business
  • Aligning your goals
  • Marketing your business and more…