How To Balance Your Life (ePub for iPad)


Living a Successful Life without Neglecting Your Family, Profession And Personal Balance

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As a society, we are geared to worship work and to treat it as paramount to our identity. When you meet somebody new, one of the first things you get asked typically is, “What do you do?” or “Where do you work?” While this commitment to a work mentality and ethic is excellent, it is not without its downside. Too often, work occupies so much of a person’s physical, emotional and mental bandwidths that it becomes difficult to find the balance between work and everything else. Health, family, and connections–they all end up taking a back seat.

Alexandra Navarro’s Blue Leaf methodology evolved after a close study of work-life balance or the lack thereof, and the toll that a loss of balance takes on individuals and on society as a whole. To date, Blue Leaf techniques have proven successful for over 200 middle to C-level corporate executives, cutting across gender and hierarchy. In How To Balance Your Life, Alexandra condenses, for the first time, the experiences that have helped scores of professionals pursue happiness, reach their dreams, meet the aspirations of their families and yet confidently meet and exceed the demands and challenges of work.