I’m on Facebook–Now What??? (2nd Edition) (eBook)

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How To Use Facebook To Achieve Business Objectives
by Jason Alba, Jesse Stay and Rachel Melia

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Facebook took the internet by storm and brought social media to the masses.  There are now over 1 billion people using the site monthly, from all around the world.  And Facebook, along with other popular social media properties, has revolutionized marketing.  Where marketing was once dominated by one way messages to the masses, it is now much more relationship based.  And while marketing used to require big budgets and favor large businesses, it can now be done much less expensively, leveling the playing field for organizations of all sizes and geographic regions.

In this updated version of the book we will bring you up to speed on the changes to Facebook since the last version of this book was published, as well as teach you how to get started with a Facebook business Page, how to create engaging content that meets overall objectives, how to manage your Facebook Page and build community, how to create successful Facebook ad buys and promotions, how to measure success, and how to use Facebook applications and plugins.