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Managing Your IT Infrastructure In The Age Of Complexity

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IT infrastructure is a dynamic, evolving entity. As complexity increases and cloud and virtualized environments become mainstream, IT personnel must build flexibility into their monitoring approach, and be willing to keep their eyes on the ball 24/7. Today, IT needs a management methodology that focuses on integrating business services to the underlying, and frequently changing, IT infrastructure.

Within such a fluid environment, IT managers and directors can no longer expect to continue on an isolated track, monitoring disparate silos independently. Although their prior knowledge of existing IT processes remains valuable, they must be willing to make changes in their approach and response to new situations. Novel best practices have to be embraced. Risk must be mitigated by drawing from and building upon other people’s experiences. To put it into perspective, it does not take a single, major leap to manage a virtualized or cloud-based IT environment. Well-planned and incremental steps can take IT personnel there with minimal cost, effort and turbulence.