Memoirs of the Money Lady (Paperback)

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My initiation into the financial field began after receiving a family inheritance and meeting a persuasive broker. Snowing me with his sales skills and treating me as his “special” client, Mr. Enthusiasm and Charm…

  • Sold me a potpourri of financial programs I didn’t understand or need
  • Pushed his “couldn’t lose” tax shelter schemes
  • Flattered me into unpaid temping for his new firm
  • Continued losing my money, then
  • Cajoled me into earning a securities license to make up my personal investment losses

Reading this book will bring you:

  • Enjoyment: Balance between fun and profit—threading the serious business of money through a humorous memoir for a positive message.
  • Motivation/education: For women, especially, to come away empowered to handle their own finances and have enough general information to get started. I hope readers will learn that dealing with money does not have to be a difficult, time consuming or unhappy task.
  • Permission: Not to have to know everything whether about finances, job or career. Everyone makes mistakes—often big and costly ones. By sharing my experience in a completely new and difficult field, and candidly telling my story, women in the business world can absorb the message that if I can make it… any of them can, too.