Moving From Vision to Reality (Paperback)

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Happy About Fulfilling Your True Purpose

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This book combines both the biblical and business principles with practical experience to allow you to fulfill your true purpose in life. Many people have dreams but they do not do anything to fulfill them for the fear of failure as well as insecurity about how they will survive as they attempt to execute them.

After reading this book, you will be:

  • Able to start thinking about your calling and purpose in life
  • Inspired to act on your vision
  • Able to learn and apply the seven steps to bring you from vision to reality

The Seven Steps to go from vision to reality are:

  1. Find your Purpose and Catch the Vision
  2. Decide to Act and Write the Vision
  3. Build a Team to Accomplish the Vision
  4. Manage the Team & Foster Innovation
  5. Believe in the Vision
  6. Run with the Vision
  7. Hang on to the Vision

At the end of each chapter there are workbook exercises for review. It will help you drill home the knowledge and apply it to moving your vision to reality.