Overcoming Inventoritis (Paperback)

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The Silent Killer of Innovation

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Why you should buy this book before betting the bank!

Before you bet the bank, learn the secrets to getting better returns from your innovation investments. Whether you are an inventor, corporate innovator, investor, or somehow involved in bringing products or ideas to market, inventoritis will be an issue. Learn why you need to avoid or overcome inventoritis, how to identify it, and 12 ways to overcome it to increase your odds achieving a successful innovation outcome. Protect yourself and your investments from ideas that come from unhealthy biases.

What you will learn:

  • Why you need to avoid or overcome inventoritis
  • What it is, where it comes from and how big an issue it is
  • How to identify it in a company or individual
  • What made Thomas Edison such a great product marketer
  • How brilliant scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla destroyed himself
  • What the costs of inventoritis are in innovation
  • Why Clayton Christensen got it wrong – there is no dilemma, inventoritis is disruptive
  • Twelve ways to overcome inventoritis and have a successful innovation outcome
  • How to increase your odds of achieving a successful innovation outcome