Scott Schilling on How to Live a Life of Significance (Hardcover)

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140 Ways to Increase Your Personal Significance in the World

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Are you completely fulfilled in your life? Or do you still have an empty feeling, with your soul searching for something more? Having a definite reason for living and putting a “why” behind every action will push you toward a joyful, fulfilling journey. What’s enough is never really enough if we aren’t content with who we are and what we have. We don’t have to compare ourselves to anyone or anything: we are all unique.

Scott Schilling on How to Live a Life of Significance, contains 140 compelling quotes gathered by the Significance Expert himself, Scott Schilling, and will inspire you to discover your purpose and become a person with a mission—someone who is happy, motivated, content, and self-assured. This will serve as your guide in finding and achieving clarity and inner peace.