#SCRAPPY GENERAL MANAGEMENT tweet Book01 (Paperback)

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Practical Practices for Great Management Results

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You’re the boss. Not merely of a section or a team or a department but of the whole business. You have people whose jobs depend on you. To get here, you’ve probably had the opportunity to learn from some of the best books out there, including Michael Horton’s bestselling Scrappy General Management.

But in the harried, routinely-chaotic world you navigate now, a world in which you often have many balls up in the air, you find you no longer have the luxury of sitting down and reading management books (or any books!) cover to cover, no matter how relevant those books may be to your situation or how much they can help you. You need a book that you can flip open and learn something that applies to your world…not next week…not tomorrow…but NOW. Simply put, your biggest constraint is neither budget nor resources, but time.