Scrappy Information Security (ePub for iPad)


The Easy Way to Keep the Cyber Wolves at Bay

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The Internet, like Elvis, is everywhere. It is in our homes, our places of work, our phones. Unfortunately, cyberspace is teeming with bad people who want to steal our identities, pilfer our corporate secrets, get their grubby little fingers into our online wallets, and — to add insult to injury — latch onto our PCs to perpetuate their crimes.

Modern corporations do their best to hammer home the message of security through training, communications, and outright begging. The message often falls on deaf ears, not because employees want to make their workplaces unsafe, but rather, because the topic is so complex and wide-ranging that it simply is overwhelming.

This book should be read by anyone who cares about the security and privacy of their online information, and wants to know how to take steps to protect it … and that should be everyone. This book should be read by anyone who wants to “do the right thing” and ensure that they do not inadvertently compromise their employer’s, or their own, sensitive information … and that should be everyone. This book should be read by anyone who believes that crime is crime, it should be stopped, and wants to know what concrete steps he or she can be take to reduce cybercrime and minimize its impacts … and that should be everyone.