Smart Work (2nd edition) (Hardcover)

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The SYNTAX Guide to Influence

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Human communication is grounded in fundamentally cooperative intentions. And yet we all struggle with communication, especially in the workplace. In an ideal world, all our workplace communications — meetings, conference calls, water cooler breaks — would be focused on goals rather than problems, would produce unwaveringly sound decisions and would flow smoothly because everybody was on the same page. We all know that in reality, this is not the case. Most of us can remember occasions when we have felt frustrated, unempowered and confused about how to gain traction in the highly complex and uncertain communications in our workplaces. So how does one go about achieving ideal workplace communication, or even coming close?

In Smart Work: The Syntax Guide to Influence, respected author Lucy D. Freedman demonstrates to today’s corporate managers and high tech professionals that the seemingly chaotic world of corporate communication actually has a structure and that the structure, or syntax, can be decoded and used to one’s advantage. By the parameters of the Syntax Model that she defines, there are five definite behavioral categories that set outstanding communicators apart from the crowd. By addressing these categories in logical sequence and by ‘skilling up’ in each of them, any proactive manager or employee can learn to be an enlightened and effective communicator.