Tales From The Networking Community (Paperback)

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Networking, Like Life, is a Process not an Event

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When an individual is seeking to meet professional goals, one large question always looms: Is it who or what one knows that makes the difference? Dan Williams, author of ‘Tales From the Networking Community’ believes it is both. While having a powerful network of contacts is critical to succeeding professionally today, knowing how to leverage that network efficiently and effectively is equally critical. This book gives you tips, techniques and shares anecdotal stories that will help you succeed with your networking goals.

Currently in America, large numbers of professionals are interested in networking for a variety of reasons. First, the days of spending all or even most of one’s entire career with a single employer are over for most of us. Operating as a job-market free agent, as many individuals now do, requires strong networking skills. Second, professionals today possess a keen desire to “make a difference” through their work. This form of altruism makes networking a way of life as individuals continually look to add meaning to their lives not only through their work, but also in the ways they spend their non-working hours. Third, layoffs have become one of the harsh realities of American business over the last few decades. Even for those who are currently employed, layoffs are often a looming reality. Whether at work or out of work, we need to network.