The Home Run Hitter’s Guide to Fundraising (Paperback)

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Happy About Raising Capital without Pitching

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“The Home Run Hitter’s Guide to Fundraising” synthesizes strategic planning with the power of human empathy to turn a potentially uncomfortable, unnatural presentation into an opportunity to develop and deepen an important business relationship. This is a step-by-step guide to help you take the understanding of your business and marry that with the needs of the venture capitalist. When you follow this process you will be able to have a conversation that can help you close the gap between you and the people with the capital you need.

While this program will help you select the ideas you should share and teach you how to share them, ultimately the greatest strength is to transform your thinking and behaving in the course of these critical meetings. The more you look at yourself as a facilitator — someone who moves a meeting towards a desired result — the greater your chances of success. This facilitation requires a kind of presence and sophistication that few inexperienced leaders have, so using the concepts in “The Home Run Hitter’s Guide to Fundraising” can be a real differentiator for your leadership as well as your business.